Crew a Big Canoe with up to 12 people who can enjoy each other’s company together in the boat while exploring Poole Harbour. This area of outstanding natural beauty, with its remote islands, is an ideal paddling location. You can even schedule a stop on a remote foreshore for lunch or refreshments.

Our guided tours, with instructor helms, are designed for teams to have real fun, working together to ensure an unforgettable experience. Full day package with a tailored itinerary and programme to meet your objectives (including lunch as well as morning and afternoon refreshments) available. Choose from different launch locations around Poole Harbour or ask for details launching from other UK locations (additional costs will apply).

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Team events

The Big Canoes make perfect vessels for team based activities. Paddling together in time and navigating across the harbour to various remote beaches provides a memorable experience.

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Island exploration

Use the canoes to access Brownsea Island for a picnic and orienteering challenge. A fun combination of paddling with a chance to explore this stunning island.

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Share the effort

Big Canoes can have up to 12 people paddling. This means that there are lots of opportunities to rest whilst the other people in your team keep the canoe moving. A canoe journey can be as energetic or relaxed as you want it to be!

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Overnight trips

Big Canoes are perfect for overnight canoe camping trips. We have a remote wild campsite and tipi tents that add to the experience.

An half-day excursion or full day out canoeing in a Big Canoe is the perfect way to explore the shallow waters of the stunning 36 km2 natural harbour at Poole. It is a stunning location, fully deserving of its designation as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. You can choose between a lazy trip taking in the beautiful surroundings and nature or a more energetic adventure paddle around the extensive waters. You could even try to recreate the paddling of the iron age traders who used similar-sized dug out canoes in Poole Harbour over 2000 year ago! We have multiple canoes available for these excursions and each canoe can be paddled by between four and twelve paddlers. The exact route taken will depend on the prevailing tide and weather conditions but all of ours tours offer the opportunity to observe the diverse wildlife and breath-taking scenery.
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