Depending on the venue, and after considering all aspects of safety, we can set up a number of our projectile activities on location including archery, golf archery, axe throwing and shooting.

Please note that a site visit will usually be required to access safety and ensure that the correct procedures can be followed.

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Providing the area meets all our safety criteria, we can set up our large archery net and mobile targets to create an archery range at your venue. Within the safety of the range, we can teach the skill of arching using our modern, efficient bows and arrows. Your delegates will begin the archery session with a detailed safety briefing from fully qualified instructors before being sized for a suitable bow and given one to one tuition.

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Golf archery

We can also provide the necessary equipment to set up a round of golf archery - flu-flu arrow, target holes and flags. Golf archery is a recent addition to our range of mobile projectile activities that is proving to be very popular.

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Axe throwing

Our ever-popular axe-throwing activity can also be set up on location. We mount our huge slice of tree trunk on a sturdy easel to provide the target. Delegates are then equipped with safety equipment before being allowed to fling the axes towards the target! Axe throwing is more about relaxation and rhythm than brute strength. It is fairly easy to master, with most people being able to get the axe on target after a few attempts but it is difficult to become consistently good.

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Air rifles and pistols

Providing the area is suitable we are able to set up a mobile target range for shooting with our air rifles and pistols.

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