Our mobile team activities form a selection of tasks where groups of delegates are encouraged to work together to solve a range of practical challenges.

The activities range from tasks that are physical in their nature, with more 'doing' and not so much 'thinking' to tasks that require creative problem solving skills that benefit from many minds working together. All tasks are adaptable and our instructors have the flexibility to tailor them to the groups they are working with, in order to provide an appropriate level of challenge, participation and fun.

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Team tasks

We can bring a vast range of team task activities to your venue to provide hands on practical challenges to be solved. Some team tasks can be quite physical, with a few of them requiring some lifting. All of the tasks require cooperation, coordinating and physical team working as the group finds the best solution for success. A scoring system can be devised to introduce a competitive element as required. We will always suggest the most appropriate team tasks for your programme or event. For more information see our on site team tasks which reflect the off site options.

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Trust exercises

Trust building exercises help a group to increase their team trust levels by developing an openness, understanding and empathy with their fellow peers as well as mutual respect. Trust exercises are suitable for inclusion in our bespoke team building programmes as well as an activity in a fun team-building day. The exercises involve physical contact and require individuals to rely and directly support each other. To ensure that the atmosphere remains constructive and healthy, the pace is monitored and the exercises are carefully sequenced and tailored to the group. In addition, individuals can choose their own level of involvement in the exercises and so remain in control of their experience. For more information see our on site trust exercises.

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Setting the right 'tone' at the start of your programme helps to ensure that it has the best chance of being successful. Our mobile exercise will breaking the initial ice, warm the group up so they are ready to participate in the rest of the day's programme or re-energise a team that is beginning to flag. Incorporating energisers into a conference day or a programme involving meetings and discussion will help to vary the pace and keep delegates focused and alert. We will always work with you to plan icebreakers that are appropriate for the needs of the group and suitable for the programme.

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Problem solving tasks

These tasks are designed to encourage cooperative problem solving. They require a thinking approach that benefits from the creativity of many minds. Teams tackling problem-solving tasks often approach them as they would any new work place task. With facilitated reviews this can provide useful insights and support teams to change in order to work more effectively together. Many of our problem-solving challenges can be solved either indoors or out and so can be included as a wet-weather alternative, as part of a winter programme or as a break-out activity for a conference or meeting. For more information see our on site problem-solving tasks.

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On the water

We have a fleet of Canadian canoes, kayaks, raft building equipment as well as other craft, that we can bring to your venue if there is access to suitable water. We can organise raft-building exercises or water based relay events with multiple water craft. We use our canoes and kayaks for river-based trips or just fun and games on a lake.

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Bolt-on activities

We can provide a number of activities off site, either at your venue, hotel or country park. These bolt-on activities are provided by our approved sub-contractors and are priced separately. We must, of course, have the appropriate facilities at the site to be able to run each type of activity. The activities that we can arrange include apache racing, duck herding, ferret racing, falconry, laser clays, group drumming and chocolate workshops.

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