Climbing & abseiling for outdoor team building. Once a mobile structure, our climbing tower has now been allowed to root itself deep in the forest!

The cylindrical grey megalith reaches skyward from a grassy clearing and the views of the surrounding New Forest from the 'summit' are stunning. There are a variety of styles of hand and foot holds incorporated into the sides of the tower to give several different grades of climbing routes. These progressive routes offer the perfect introduction to climbing and working safely with ropes.

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Working together

A climbing session is ideal to include in bespoke team development or team leadership programme or as part of a fun outdoor team build or group activity session. Team members must work together to provide the essential safety cover, taking it in turns to climb or to belay. Once climbers have reached the top of the tower there is the opportunity to learn a new skill and descend to 'terra firma' by abseiling.

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Roles on the ground

Whilst the activity is physical in nature, the routes vary in difficulty and most individuals are able to climb to the top. For the super heroes/more experienced climbers in a group, our instructors can increase the challenge in a number of ways to ensure that all participants are challenged to the limit they set themselves. For team members who do not wish to climb there are valuable supporting roles on the ground.

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Key facts

  • Allow at least 75 mins
  • Ideal for programmes and group sessions
  • Suitable for adults and young people
  • Valuable roles on the ground
  • Reasonably physical activity
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Visitor quote

""I had done a bit of climbing before but this climbing activity was great fun as the instructors suggested I tried the challenge of blindfold climbing. My team members guided me up the route with left-a-bit and right-a-bit directions""

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