We offer a selection of projectile activities at the New Forest Outdoor Centre with some being more appropriate than others for inclusion in a specific type of programme. Please discuss your objectives with us and we will advise on the best activities to include.

For our bespoke programmes we always tailor the individual activity to meet your exact needs. Projectile activities are perfect for fun team days as well as including as part of learning for a bespoke team development, leadership development or organisational development programme. Our projectile activities are very popular for group sessions, especially our hen and stag parties. We can offer them either as a taster, with a short session using each type, or a more "in-depth" session with plenty of opportunity to perfect your skills. We regret that we are only able to cater for pre-booked groups, with a minimum price being charged per group. Please note that crossbows and axe throwing is not available to young people under the age of 18.

Archery activities on site projectiles archery sq 1

Where better than the New Forest Outdoor Centre, set in one of England's oldest hunting reserves, to pull a few strings and loose some arrows?

Golf archery

For a fun twist on both sports, play golf with bows and arrows instead of clubs and balls.

Axe throwing activities on site projectiles axe throwing sq 1

This is traditionally the sport of lumberjacks, and our axe-throwing legend of an instructor will generally play the part by sporting a check shirt! Axe throwing is more about relaxation and rhythm than brute strength.

Crossbows activities on site projectiles crossbows rs 5

This James Bond style shooting activity turns most delegates from city slickers to special-forces agents in next to no time! Crossbows were first introduced into England as far back as 1066 by the Normans and were primitive affairs.

Air rifles and pistols activities on site projectiles air rifles rs 3

This exciting outdoor team building activity gives team members the chance to practice their sniper skills. We have both .22 calibre air rifles and .177 calibre pistols available.

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