Where better than the New Forest Outdoor Centre, set in one of England's oldest hunting reserves, to pull a few strings and loose some arrows?

Archery is an ancient sport, dating back thousands or years to when the bow defended our land and provided the next meal. Today team members on our outdoor team building programmes can learn the skill of arching using our modern, efficient bows and arrows. Our archery sessions begin with a full safety briefing from fully qualified instructors before individuals are sized for a suitable bow and given one to one tuition. As the arrows arc though the air towards the target, the Robin Hoods and Maid Marions in the group will be revealed. During just a short session most individuals will show a dramatic improvement in their archery skills and depending on the needs of the programme our experienced instructors can introduce some friendly competition. Shooting under pressure can add a new dimension as the team attempt to be the winners of games such as darts or snakes and ladders.

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Multiple archers

We have the space for up to four individuals to arch at a time. Spectating team mates can watch and offer support from the benches behind in the covered dug out. Archery is suitable for adults and children over the age of 8 years old. The session is supervised by fully-qualified instructors at all times.

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Golf archery

We also offer golf archery - using special flu-flu arrows, participants will take aim to see how close they can get to targets on the course. Roughs, greens, birdies and a hole in one will take on a new meaning.

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Key facts

  • Allow at least 45 mins
  • Ideal for programmes and group sessions
  • Suitable for adults and young people
  • Low to moderate physical activity
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Visitor quote

"Drawing the bow was harder than it looked. The tuition was excelIent and it did not take too long to discover the Robin Hood within me!"

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