Good teamwork and first class communication skills are absolutely crucial for this fun, challenging activity.

Putting their trust in each others hands, one member of the team drives the Land Rover blindfolded, according to the directions issued from the teammates. Bumping over rough terrain, the driver must negotiate the gates on the course. An instructor is always present in the passenger seat ready to take control of steering if need be. Blindfold Land Rover is ideal to include as part of a bespoke programme or an adult activity session and can be delivered for either fun or challenge. Where the programme demands a competitive element, each driver can be timed from the start to finish gate. The session is supervised by a fully-qualified instructor at all times. Blindfold Land Rover driving is suitable for adults who hold a driving licence.

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Simple communication

Starting with straightforward communication, Blindfold Land Rover driving becomes progressively more difficult when the people who can see where they are going are not allowed to communicate directly with the driver. The challenge then is to pass on the message non-verbally and in good time to those who can speak so the driver keeps to the track.

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Common Language

As with many communication tasks the language that is used between the team becomes crucial in order for a successful result. The flow and clarity of information is tested as the message gets passed through the team in time for the driver to make the next turn successfully!

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Key facts

  • Allow at least 60 mins
  • Ideal for programmes and group sessions
  • Suitable for adults only
  • Low physical activity
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What do visitors say

"I was really nervous when it was my turn to take the wheel. It seemed a very unnatural thing to be doing and the temptation to take a peak was huge!"

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