We offer a range of bush craft and survival skill activities at the New Forest Outdoor Centre including fire lighting, camp cooking, knife skills, mushroom foraging (seasonal), shelter building, navigation and animal tracking.

You can choose to incorporate the activities into a general programme or opt for a specialised day of bush craft. You can even add on an overnight survival exercise, based in our secluded ancient woodland. Depending on the needs of the programme the activities can be adapted into challenges to bring a competitive element to a team build. It is amazing in the modern world how few people have ever spent the night sleeping in woodland. With the correct equipment and techniques it is easy to have a comfortable and enjoyable overnight experience. Everyone relishes the tranquillity and beauty of our pristine native environments - it is something we as humans have within ourselves. Imagine the satisfied grins on the team members faces as they wolf down the hot supper that they have cooked over an open fire. We can bring to life what for many individuals is normally just a TV experience.

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Learn new skills

Bush craft encompasses a range of skills and knowledge that enables people to be more comfortable when in the natural environment. This knowledge along with some simple tools and equipment can make time spent outdoors a richer and more rewarding experience.

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Which skills?

Choose from building temporary shelters and camps, lighting and maintaining fires, campfire cooking, making natural cordage, woodcarving, foraging and trapping, using edged tools safely and collecting drinking water.

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Key facts

  • This activity can be anything from 45 minutes to overnight
  • Ideal for programmes and group sessions
  • Suitable for adults and young people
  • Reasonably physical activity
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What do visitors say

"I always thought it would be much more difficult than it was to make fire using a flint and steel. Such a sense of achievement to cook our own supper over a fire we started without matches."

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