You can choose from a large scale construction challenge, where the team members are equipped with hard hats, to small table-top projects that can be designed and modelled indoors, in our Carpenter's Barn.

The "big builds" involve creating giant structures such as bridges or platforms from pioneering poles and rope. Alternatively the team can be challenged to build and design functional catapults, trebuchets, viaducts or cranes. All the building materials are supplied. The small scale option also involves building structures or equipment but using materials such as newspaper, straws and canes. Again all the necessary supplies are provided, although we have been known to run out of sticky tape!

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Suitable for all programmes

Construction challenges are suitable to include in our team development, leadership development and organisation development programmes as well as fun team building days or activity sessions.

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Adding constraints

Construction challenges makes demands on the grey matter as well as testing the team's planning and cooperative working skills to the full. To simulate the constraints that are usually present on work-based projects, our instructors may introduce time pressures, budgets and limit the available resources. Our construction challenges are always great fun, with the tangible end product adding to the enjoyment.

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There is an option of adding a finale to the construction challenge with the teams going head to head in a contest. The team that comes up with a design that is compliant and best fit for purpose under test conditions will be declared the winner! The session is supervised by fully-qualified instructors at all times. All the participants in the group are equipped with appropriate safety equipment for the large scale construction projects. Construction challenges are suitable for adults and young people.

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Key facts

  • Allow at least 75 mins
  • Ideal for programmes and group sessions
  • Suitable for adults and young people
  • Reasonably physical activity
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