The New Forest has a fabulous network of good quality gravel forest tracks and minor roads, which makes it ideal for excursions on a bike. The terrain in the forest is undulating with nothing too steep for you to cycle up or down.

The scenery is stunning and there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the views as well as take photos of the New Forest ponies, who pay no attention to the highway code! Depending on the time of year riders may also come across deer, wild boar and huge curly-horned cows. Mountain biking is an ideal activity to include in either a bespoke team building programme or as part of an adult activity session. Instructors from the New Forest Outdoor Centre will ensure that the bikes are correctly adjusted and fitted for each individual and teach basic map reading/navigation skills as required. We offer mountain bike expeditions, mountain bike treasure hunts and mountain bike orienteering.

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Cycle expeditions

A cycle expedition for either a half or full day, using New Forest cycle paths, planned and led by our instructors, with vehicular support if required. Lunch stop can be arranged to suit - picnics, tearooms, New Forest cafe or pub lunch.

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Treasure hunts and orienteering

Teams are given maps and a set of grid references with questions relating to each grid reference. Teams must then plan their route to get to as many locations as they can in the time available. The challenge is to collect as many answers as possible whilst managing the distance to ensure that the team is not penalised for lateness.

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Safety and support

Instructors will be available in a support vehicle in case of punctures, first aid or helping individuals who run out of pedal power and feel unable to complete the route. We will provide water and snacks and can arrange a lunch stop to suit your needs. All the participants in the group are fitted with cycling helmets. The group will either be guided by an instructor or provided with an emergency number to call an instructor in case of emergency.

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Key facts

  • Allow at least 75 mins
  • Ideal for bespoke programmes and group sessions
  • Suitable for adults and young people over the age of 8
  • Reasonably physical activity
  • Can accommodate more than one group at a time
  • Additional charge for bike hire
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