Trust building exercises help a group to increase their team trust levels by developing mutual respect as well as an openness, understanding and empathy with their fellow peers.

The exercises are suitable for inclusion in our bespoke team building programmes as well as fun team building days and adult group activity sessions. The exercises involve physical contact and require individuals to rely and directly support each other. To ensure that the atmosphere remains constructive and healthy, the pace is monitored and the exercises are carefully sequenced and tailored to the group according to the current situation. In addition, individuals can choose their own level of involvement in the exercises and so remain in control of their experience.

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Positive experiences

The staff will always demonstrate and actively encourage a high level of care and responsibility towards the individuals who take the risk of trusting. This ensures that the group has a positive experience, whilst allowing the participants to connect in ways unimaginable in their work environment!

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Varying difficulty

Whilst the activity is physical in nature, the challenges vary in difficulty and the instructors will manage the activity according the ability of the group. Some of the exercises, such as the Willow Wand exercise, are at "ground level" and team members can gain their confidence and trust in the team before moving on to more challenging exercise if they so wish.

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Safety first

The session is supervised by fully-qualified instructors at all times. All the participants in the group are fitted with helmets if they are making any trust falls or participating in trust activities at height.

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Key facts

  • Allow at least 30 mins per task
  • Ideal for all types of programmes and as an activity
  • Suitable for adults and young people
  • Can provide more than one trust station
  • Moderate to high physical activity
  • Tasks can be progressive
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