We offer a number of activities that can be bolted on to a bespoke team building programme, fun team build or activity session.

These bolt-on activities are provided by our approved sub-contractors and will therefore be subject to a programme surcharge. We can not arrange bolt-on activities for individuals, couples or small groups of less than twelve delegates. Our bolt-on activities are generally included in larger corporate events or special events.

activities bolt on duck rs 1

Duck herding

After having been introduced to the dog, shown how to use the whistle and been given a short demonstration in duck-herding techniques from the expert handler, it is time for the delegates to take the shepherd's crook. It soon becomes apparent that it takes considerable skill to control the dog and the ducks. Serious fun for participants and observers alike!

activities bolt on ferret rs 2

Ferret racing

Ferrets are wonderful little creatures and they provide an original way to entertain team members. Team members are invited to choose their ferrets for the time trials, with the aim of selecting a winning ferret for the final race. Guests then pop their selected ferret into the pipe, before dashing down to the other end of the course, where they have filled a bowl with milk to tempt the ferret to the finish line. A light-hearted competitive activity.

activities bolt on falconry rs 3


Our falconry activity gives individuals the opportunity to experience the thrill of flying and hunting with some of nature's most spectacular birds of prey. The session begin with an introduction to birds of preys from our expert handler and then it will be "gloves on" to handle several species of these gracious and intelligent birds. Team members may begin the session in awe of the birds but with expert tuition from our falconer they will quickly gain the confidence to handle these proud birds.

activities bolt on laser rs 4

Laser clays

Laser clay shooting provides the opportunity for everyone to enjoy the thrill and excitement of shotgun shooting in perfect safety, without any threat to the environment. The team members use a modified shotgun to fire an infrared beam at clays.

activities bolt on drumming rs 5

Group drumming

Group drumming is an energising activity that stimulates team participation. We provide an exciting array of drums and other percussion instruments and the session begins with a fun warm-up period, where inhibitions are banished!

activities bolt on chocolate rs 6

Chocolate workshop

Delegates always enjoy our chocolate workshops. They are ideal if you are looking for something completely different to compliment a morning or afternoon outdoors in the Forest or we can organise a full day of chocolate-making in our Carpenter's Barn. We will tailor the workshop to your programme objectives, providing anything from demonstrations, tasting sessions to hands-on chocolate making.

activities bolt on ceramics rs 8

Ceramic painting

A useful addition to a programme to create memories or reinforce learning. delegates can paint mugs, coasters, plates etc that act as memory joogers when they are back at work or at home.

activities bolt on other rs 7

Other activities

Our venue is suitable for a wide rainge of activities. Please ask us if there is something else that you wish to do whilst with us.

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