Leadership development programmes to develop personal and interpersonal effectiveness

The Centre offers a range of leadership programmes from an introductory level through to focused personal and interpersonal development for senior managers. We aim to develop leaders through supporting individuals to raise their emotional intelligence in order for them to become more effective personally and interpersonally. We support individuals to become more aware of their personal connection of thoughts, feelings, behaviours and physiology and to use this awareness to understand and appropriately meet their needs.

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Our approach

Our approach is practical and applicable, providing leaders with experiences and development that impacts on how they manage themselves and how they manage their work place relationships. We explore beliefs and attitudes, embrace diverse values and journey with curiosity into the dynamics of groups, culture and leading people in a complex organisational environment.

Tailored courses

We work with groups in a relational and emergent process, which means we tailor our programmes to the needs of the group on the day and work in response to what is happening within the group as well as the experiences they bring.

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Learning environment

We generate learning through creating fresh experiences using interactive activities, discussion of personal experiences, critique of management and leadership models and personal reflection. A personal and organisational (systems) psychology approach underpins the learning.

Here and now experiences

We utilise practical, interactive tasks and the outdoors to provide "here and now" experiences, which support the raising of self awareness. On going coaching and facilitation of action learning sets can be included to enhance the learning.

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Forest venue

We run our leadership development courses from our exclusive venue in the New Forest, just outside Lyndhurst. With a diverse range of outdoor activities as well as indoor facilities, our site is an ideal venue for an outdoor-based leadership development course. We provide first-class catering for all of our tailored programmes and can arrange cold buffets, hot suppers, bbqs and hog roasts.

Course duration

Our courses can be anything from half a day to five days long. A nights stay on site, either in our Shepherd's Huts or camping in tents or shelters always augments a course, with the delegates benefiting from an evening together away from it all. It is possible to add a overnight stay before the start or at the end of a one day course. We can also help you to find suitable hotel accommodation as required.

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At your venue

We can set up our mobile activities and provide facilitators for leadership development programmes off site at your chosen location - your offices, hotel, conference centre or country park.

More information

For an informal discussion about how we can able to help your company or organisation with a leadership development course please contact the office on 02380 284 401 or email us. All of our programmes are tailored to meet your specific objectives so we do not publish a price list - but please do not let this deter you from making an enquiry. We guarantee that our prices are competitive!

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