We offer overnight "survival' experiences in alternative types of shelter. Some groups choose to erect our bivvies, while others have opted to construct their own shelters.

For those who are prepared to really rough it we provide the materials and instruction on shelter or bivouac building. The brave overnight residents may find their structures are tested for real but fortunately they can usually decamp to the dry and warmth of our Carpenter's Barn if necessary. An overnight in the woods in this type of accommodation should be considered as integral to the programme, a unique adventure that is not comparable with sleeping the night in a hotel room. The experience offers the chance for delegates to remain on site together in a special setting - out of their normal comfort zone. There is exclusive use of the venue and the opportunity to gel together as a team without the intrusion from so many of today's distractions!

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Equipment provided

Which ever type of accommodation you choose we always provide sleeping mats, sleeping bags and liners and pillows. We offer either a 'self-cook' option or we can arrange for an evening meal (cheffed BBQ, paella evening, hot buffet, curry, pizza, Chinese) and breakfast to be served. With the self-cook option guests are provided with a "survival" box containing cooking equipment and the food they need for supper and breakfast. They will then need to work together in teams to light their fires and prepare their meals.

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Bush craft

Making a comfortable camp in which to spend time in the woods and cooking good food over a fire are experiences that create positive memories for people. Most people are happy to spend the night outdoors in good weather, the skill lies in being comfortable whatever the weather. Bivi camps are a simple way of living outdoors that enable people to appreciate the woodland environment.

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Key facts

  • Stays of one or more nights available
  • Only available to delegates on a programme or guests on a group session
  • Unique forest experience
  • Suitable for adults and young people
  • Additional costs apply for pods and tipis
  • Toilets and showering facilities can be organised if required for "wild" camps
  • Towels and torches are not provided as standard
  • Not available to book without a programme/activity session
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Evening activities

A night in a bivi camp is normally enough activity on its own! Building and maintaining a fire, setting up the camp itself, enjoying the cooking process, a few camp chores, then chatting around the fire. If you want to do more you can always carve a spoon or make natural cordage from nettles.

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