To help you choose a good combination of activities for your hen/stag party or adult activity session we have put together a number of popular half day party packages.

In a three hour activity session it is normally possible to include three activities, depending on your choice. However we are always happy to discuss the possibility of including other activities from our list of outdoor activities for sessions. Activity sessions are usually only available at the weekends and are for pre-booked private groups of adults only. Regretfully we cannot accommodate individuals or couples and we DO NOT operate a system where individuals can join an existing group. The price is based on a minimum group size of twelve guests. For more information download our brochure and price list for activity sessions.

Shooting from the hip
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Our "Shooting from the hip" package of activities is designed for guests who are looking for a real chucking and firing session! Visitors will have fun with a range of projectile activities including archery using modern recurve bows as well as traditional longbows, crossbows, air rifles, air pistols, axe throwing and catapults. Clout archery – a cross between archery and golf is also available. There is enough time in a three hour session to have a "taster" go at all of these projectiles or your group might prefer the opportunity to hone their skills and spend more time on just several of the projectiles.

High and mighty
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A session playing up high using our high ropes course and climbing wall with the option of including a giant tree climb. Our instructors will teach you how to fit harnesses, tie each other into the safety ropes and manage the safety ropes. There will be plenty of opportunities for everyone to get up high and challenge themselves - the high ropes includes traversing elements, a crate stacking challenge and a pole climb and there are routes of varying difficulty on the climbing tower. By the end of our "High and Mighty" session you will learned the basic safety rope work skills to keep climbers safe and climbed up high enough to enjoy bird's eye views of our forest!

Team challenge
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Our "Team challenge" package brings together several of our hands-on group activities selected from our team challenge course, low ropes course, physical trust activities and team tasks. It is perfect for a group who want to have fun working together as they will have to rely on each other to complete the tasks. Come prepared for some physical action with this selection of activities - though we can tailor the activities for a group looking for a gentler session.

Fire craft skills
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Firelighting is a basic bush craft survival skill. Our "Fire craft skills" session provides the opportunity to play with fire and get it started using a variety of techniques. Our instructors will show you how to use modern strikers as well as traditional flint and steels. Once you have mastered the basics you can use a bow drill and see if you can get the technique right for success with fire by friction. We will also share with you to a few unusual ways to be a fire starter!

Mix and match
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This "Mix and match" package is a great way to experience a variety of activities in a short space of time. Choose either the "Projectile mix and match package", selecting two of our projectile activities followed by the high ropes course or climbing wall or opt for the "Team Challenge mix and match package", starting with a session on the team challenge course followed by the high ropes course or climbing wall.

Cycle hunt
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This package is perfect for those who want to explore the New Forest by bike. Starting from our centre in the heart of the forest, the group will be fitted with mountain bikes and given a short introduction to orienteering skills, before setting out. The orienteering/treasure hunt course is on forest tracks and minor roads and guests will enjoy a scenic route as they go from point to point. The hunt ends back at the centre, where there will be a chance to enjoy refreshments. Road vehicle support is provided by our instructors.

Deluxe off site
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A chance to follow a session at the New Forest Outdoor Centre with an off-site session on Apache Grass Carts.

The Big Canoe
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Ideal to add to one of our other on-site packages, this off-site session paddling in Big Canoes in Poole Harbour is a great choice for those looking for a wet adventure!

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List of outdoor activities for sessions

Activities up high

  • Activities up high
  • High ropes course
  • Climbing wall and abseiling
  • Giant tree climb
  • Zip wire (for groups of over 12 guests only)

Projectile activities

  • Woodland archery
  • Axe throwing (not suitable for under 18's)
  • Pistols and rifles
  • Crossbows (not suitable for under 18's)
  • Golf archery

Team activities

  • Team challenge course
  • Low ropes course
  • Selection of team tasks
  • Problem solving puzzles
  • Orienteering on foot
  • Treasure hunts on foot
  • Mountain biking - orienteering, treasure hunts and trails (additional charge for hire of bikes)
  • Construction challenges
  • Blindfold Land Rover driving (not suitable for under 18's)
  • Bush craft and survival
  • Raft racing (for groups of over 24 guests only)

We can supply additional activities such as duck herding, ferret racing, falconry and laser clays. However these are not included in our standard packages as they are provided by subcontractors. These bolt on activities are subject to a surcharge, starting from £600.00

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