Our venue in the heart of the New Forest is perfect for an outdoor-style stag party, hen party or hen/stag weekend. We have a fantastic range of fun outdoor activities

Either select a hen/stag party activity package or contact us to discuss an bespoke package. You can spend either a morning or afternoon at our centre, make a whole day of it (combining two packages) and even stay the night. For those looking for hen weekends or stag weekends, we can organise activities on both Saturday and Sunday as well as a night in the woods. A half day activity session lasts for three hours and during this time most groups fit in two or three activities. Our full day activity session includes six hours of activity divided between the morning and afternoon with a break for a picnic-style lunch. All our hen parties and stag parties must be pre-booked and prices are based around a minimum group size of 12 guests. Hen and stag parties are usually only available at the weekends.

Shooting from the hip
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Our "Shooting from the hip" package of activities is designed for guests who are looking for a real chucking and firing session! Visitors will have fun with a range of projectile activities including archery using modern recurve bows as well as traditional longbows, crossbows, air rifles, air pistols, axe throwing and catapults. Clout archery – a cross between archery and golf is also available. There is enough time in a three hour session to have a "taster" go at all of these projectiles or your group might prefer the opportunity to hone their skills and spend more time on just several of the projectiles.

High and mighty
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A session playing up high using our high ropes course and climbing wall with the option of including a giant tree climb. Our instructors will teach you how to fit harnesses, tie each other into the safety ropes and manage the safety ropes. There will be plenty of opportunities for everyone to get up high and challenge themselves - the high ropes includes traversing elements, a crate stacking challenge and a pole climb and there are routes of varying difficulty on the climbing tower. By the end of our "High and Mighty" session you will learned the basic safety rope work skills to keep climbers safe and climbed up high enough to enjoy bird's eye views of our forest!

Team challenge
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Our "Team challenge" package brings together several of our hands-on group activities selected from our team challenge course, low ropes course, physical trust activities and team tasks. It is perfect for a group who want to have fun working together as they will have to rely on each other to complete the tasks. Come prepared for some physical action with this selection of activities - though we can tailor the activities for a group looking for a gentler session.

Fire craft skills
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Firelighting is a basic bush craft survival skill. Our "Fire craft skills" session provides the opportunity to play with fire and get it started using a variety of techniques. Our instructors will show you how to use modern strikers as well as traditional flint and steels. Once you have mastered the basics you can use a bow drill and see if you can get the technique right for success with fire by friction. We will also share with you to a few unusual ways to be a fire starter!

Mix and match
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This "Mix and match" package is a great way to experience a variety of activities in a short space of time. Choose either the "Projectile mix and match package", selecting two of our projectile activities followed by the high ropes course or climbing wall or opt for the "Team Challenge mix and match package", starting with a session on the team challenge course followed by the high ropes course or climbing wall.

Cycle hunt
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This package is perfect for those who want to explore the New Forest by bike. Starting from our centre in the heart of the forest, the group will be fitted with mountain bikes and given a short introduction to orienteering skills, before setting out. The orienteering/treasure hunt course is on forest tracks and minor roads and guests will enjoy a scenic route as they go from point to point. The hunt ends back at the centre, where there will be a chance to enjoy refreshments. Road vehicle support is provided by our instructors.

Deluxe off site
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A chance to follow a session at the New Forest Outdoor Centre with an off-site session on Apache Grass Carts.

The Big Canoe
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Ideal to add to one of our other on-site packages, this off-site session paddling in Big Canoes in Poole Harbour is a great choice for those looking for a wet adventure!

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Arrival and departure times

Friday Night Arrivals: You can arrive Friday night, and stay over to enjoy a minimum of one half-day session on the Saturday morning. There are options to extend your stay, with a second activity session in the afternoon. If you make are making a full day of it, you could also choose to stay a second night. The second night could be, subject to availability in a different type of accommodation.

Saturday Morning Arrivals: You can arrive between 9am and 10am for a half day morning session or a full day session. If you choose a full day session you could then stay the night, with departure on Sunday by 10:00am if you do not want any activities on the Sunday. If you want activities on the Sunday, there is again a choice of a half-day morning session or full day session.

Saturday Afternoon Arrivals: You can arrive between 1pm and 2pm for a half day afternoon session. This could be followed with an overnight stay, with departure by 9.30am if you do not want ay activities on the Sunday. If you want activities on the Sunday, there is again a choice of a half-day or full day session.

Sunday Morning Arrivals: You can arrive between 9am and 10am and stay either for a half day morning session or make a day of it with a session in the morning and another in the afternoon.

Sunday Afternoon Arrivals: You can arrive between 1pm and 2pm for a half day afternoon session.

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Overnight in huts

Up to 36 guests can stay overnight in our delightful Shepherd's Huts. Each Hut sleeps up to 4 in bunk-style accommodation and is equipped with a slow-burning wood stove and washhand basin. We provide sheets, pillows, pillowcases and a sleeping bag with sheet sleeeping bag liner. You will need to bring your own towel and torch. The Huts are located around the edge of our lawned areas, with easy access to our cloakroom facilities, the Woodland Bar and our permanent fire circle. Please refer to our kit list for overnight stays.

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Camping overnight

We can accommodate large numbers on guests in tents pitched on the lawned areas. We provide all the necessary camping equipment, including sleeping mats, sleeping bags, sheet liners and pillows/pillowcases but you will need to bring your own torch and towel. There is easy access to our cloakroom facilities, the Woodland Bar and our permanent fire circle. Please refer to our kit list for overnight stays.

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Catering arrangements

Lunch consists of fresh bread or rolls with a selection of delicious fillings with fresh fruit and biscuits. It is set up as a "DIY lunch" allowing you to create your ideal sandwich.

Supper is either a BBQ or a meal cooked over a campfire. We supply the ingredients and cooking will be a joint effort for group. You will certainly find out if you have any Jamie Olivers or Delhia Smiths amongst you! The instructors will ensure that you have everything you need and will be there to help you prepare and chef your dinner. An alternative option for the evening is a walk to a local forest pub for supper.

Breakfast consists of bacon or egg rolls with toast, cereals, fruit juice, tea and coffee.

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Wild camping in the woods

For those looking for even more of an adventure we offer the unique opportunity to camp deep in the woods. We supply the shelters and all the equipment and you will work as a team with the guidance of the instructor to set up camp in a beautiful remote location, a short walk from the centre. The toilet for the wild camp is a simple composting toilet or portable camping toilet. A shower can be made by heating water on the fire and using a simple shower sprinkling system set up behind some screens. You can bring your own alcohol but given the terrain, lack of lighting and distance from medical help, we expect you to drink in moderation. Please refer to our kit list for overnight stays.

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What our visitors say

"A most excellent time spent at The New Forest Outdoor Centre. Lots of activities to get involved with and the friendliest and most helpful of staff on call all day. Amazing BBQ food, the best I've ever had to be honest and the biggest bacon breakfast bap ever. I highly recommend going along for a full day's activities and staying over in the Shepherd's Huts and having a giant campfire."

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